Giota + Andreas || Greek Island, Serifos Day After Session

Greek Island of Serifos

Part three of my destination wedding. Since the actual wedding day doesn’t allow too much time for an alone session with my couple we decided to go to the Island of Serifos. Andrea grew up on this island so it has sentimental value. Which is the best kind of session! I spent two days on Serifos. As soon as we got off the ferry, we headed to his friends house who literately lives in front of the beach, I was able to take some detail shots of Giota’s dress and Andrea’s suit after that we headed to the beach for some sunset photos. It was so hot that we changed into our bathing suits and went swimming afterwards 🙂 Wish I could do that at all my sessions.

The following day we got up really early hoping to beat out the sun but the sun was shining very bright when I opened my door. Our first stop was to the town up on the hill, incredible view! Ahh how I love that everything is white washed with pops of color with vibrant foliage and colorful doors. I wrapped up the session by this little church right next to the beach by Andrea’s house. Since it was another very hot day, we went swimming again. Being somewhat of an adrenalin junkie, I jumped at the chance to go jet skiing with Andrea. He loves speed just as much as I do, it was awesome!!

I had an amazing two days of shooting and swimming. I was sad to leave, but looking forward to going back again. Make sure to check out their engagement session and wedding.  Giota’s gorgeous dress by Stella Tseka.



Greek Island, Serifos day after session


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